The Grand Slam is a 35-ft Custom Built T-Jason design powered by a powerful, reliable Caterpillar engine with limited diesel exhaust fumes. Capt. Tom worked very closely with the builder in order to get the boat "just right" for Montauk Charter Fishing comfort.

Almost ready for the top

Capt. Tom Mikoleski is an Outdoor Writer/Author who retired as a Sergeant from the NYPD in 2006. Initially, Capt. Tom's chartering service was based on Western Long Island.  However, his obsession for striper fishing resulted in an inevitable move to Montauk, NY, the "Striped Bass Capital of the World." 

Never been on the ocean? Capt. Tom suggests getting plenty of sleep the night before, and to start taking motion sickness medication the day before the trip.  Scopolamine patches are available through doctor's prescription and are without a doubt the most effective.  Dramamine 2, which can be purchased at a cheaper price as "Meclizine", is very effective too when dosages are started the day prior.


Since the mid 80's hundreds of Capt. Tom's fishing articles have appeared in various Outdoor​ Publications.  In 2013, Capt. Tom's first book, Bass Buff-A Striper Fishing Obsession Guide ​was published and received outstanding reviews and kudos from the angling community.

Grand Slam Construction

​Deck Supports being installed


​Check out Capt. Tom's

​first book for a fun, informative read.

Pilothouse coming together

Capt. Tom promoted to Sergeant

in 1998 with his beautiful wife Elena.

Montauk Fishing Charters

  • 1-6 Passengers
  • Fast, comfortable cruising speed
  • Hot-fresh water for clean-up
  • SiriusXM radio for listening
  • Heat/AC
  • Clean bathroom
  • Comfortable bunks
  • High, safe freeboard 
  • Rubber matting to ease standing
  • Top notch terminal tackle
  •  Custom built rods

Waiting for launch

Grand Slam Charters Montauk, NY